Belize 2005-2014 – Isla del Ron

Rating: 7 out of 10

Nose: very cask-driven. Massive bourbon-notes, with the usual sweetness from the American oak, and a lot of dill and some vanilla. Quite estery, with some classic rummy notes in the background. The spirit has little to say here, which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to what Belize had to offer.
Mouth: sweet, lush. Ah, there’s the rum-flavour. It’s still very bourbon-y (stylewise I’d say they’ve used Maker’s Mark barrels), but there’s some really nice mature, but still fresh, notes of chocolate, capuchino and spices.
Finish: medium long, with really nice buteric notes, and something slightly vegetal.

Note: Christ almighty! I just found out this was bottled at 66.4% ABV! I wasn’t expecting that. I could have sworn it was bottled at a mere 50% or something. I’ve never tried something so dangerously drinkable at such high strength. Adding water kills the nose, but it enhances the rum-notes on the palate.

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