Antiquary 12 years old – bottled 20-02-86

Rating: 9 out of 10 (Something special!)

Nose: Wow! This is a big surprise! Herbal, sherried, fruity, slightly smokey. Salty, in a Bowmore kind of way. Maggi soup enhancer. A nice estery edge too, with some mint and pear. This is by far best blend I’ve tasted in a long time. I was not expecting this. This will probably blow most contemporary single malts straight out of the water. It is that good.
Mouth: sweet and very full flavoured. Way more powerfull than anticipated for a blend at 40% abv. Quite fiery on the arrival, after which come notes of bourbon, with a clean and rounded smokyness. Herbal too, with hints of licorice root. Also some OBE, but nothing obnoxious.
Finish: long, sweet and spicy. Also clean, and quite hot.

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