Ardbeg – Boutique-y batch 4

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

I’m not a big fan of peaty whisky, but every now and then something great rises from the peatbogs. Especially the indi’s are sometimes very interesting, as they tend to be slightly off-centre compared to the regular bottlings. Needless to say, I had to give this one a try.

At first nosing you get loads of smoke, peat and tar. Peaches and vanilla, and a bit of edible kiddy-glue (which I think is called ‘Gluton’ or something) too. It’s not very friendly, but interesting and quite complex. Very medicinal at first. It smells of indoor swimmingpool: antisceptic stuff with chlorine. Weirdly enough, it strongly reminds me of wet swimming clothes, left to ripen in a plastic bag for a day.

In the background there’s some licoriceroot. After a while there’s also quite some really fresh and zesty sweet lemon. With some water you get more fruit, eucalyptus and some floral notes. It also gets more salty. It tastes far less extreme than I had expected: sweet, salty and bitter, and surprisingly light. Macademianuts and earth. De finish is long and surprisingly bitter and woody. For me, it’s a bit too bitter.

A nice and complex whisky. Highly recommend it if you’re into peaty whisky.

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