Arros do Rei – Aguardente Vinica Velha VSOP

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Nose: WOW! I was expecting something timid and sweet, but this is very, VERY intense and characterfull. Starts of on a very estery note (acetone and kids’ glue. Quite woody and tannic, but in a good way. Cola, fennel, mentholated tobacco, treacle, licorice allsorts. Somewhat salty. Dry sherry. Very nice. A real surprise.
Mouth: Again, wow! This is not at all sweet, which is a good thing, because sweet nowadays really is a sign of the times. Slightly floral, and strangely coastal. It’s almost like a grape version of an unpeated islay malt. Also quite tannic, and slightly bitter.
Finish: green fruits and twigs, bitter and drying. Shorter than expected.

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