Ayinger – Celebrator Doppelbock

Pours with a really nice, silky smooth foam.
Fruity and candy-ish nose. Reminds me very strongly of ‘wijnbal‘. Nice if you’re fond of sweets, but I think it’s way too overpowering. Develops more malty, chocolaty notes over time, but the sweets stay with me most.
The palate is completely different than expected. ‘Smooth as a baby’s butt’. It’s very balanced: slightly sweet, slightly bitter, but also slightly spineless. Short finish with more of the same.
It’s very light, and very drinkable, which is exactly what I don’t want from a bockbeer to do. Pilsener should be drinkable, bockbeer should be engaging and somewhat demanding.

Rating: 40-60 out of 10

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