Balvenie – TUN 1401 Batch 5

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Nose: Spicy, herbal, fruity and sweet. Very complex. Surprisingly, it’s quite feisty and spirity at first. Fruity notes followed by confectionery. Cherry-bonbons. It’s very layered, and very herbal. It’s almost like they put some J├Ągermeister and cognac in there as well. Clear notes of valerian and mentholated licorice, the kind of stuff you would find in a reformshop. In that sense it’s quite medicinal.
This one really develops over time. Dry sherry followed by subtle floral notes, followed by the kind of friendly herbal notes you generally get from American-oak casks. With water you get more citrus, and other tart notes like cola.

Mouth: it falls a bit short on the palate. Don’t get me wrong: this is good stuff, but is a bit of a dissappointment when you compare it to the smell. Hot, spicy, explosive and bittersweet. It actually has quite a lot of woodbitters. Also a bit waxy. Clean, dry sherry.

Finish: medium long, bittersweet and a bit drying. There’s a nice developement of the spicyness, where it ends in nice vanilla-ish bourbon notes.

Overall: very expensive and really nice, but not in the 90’s.

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