Bertola – Amontillado Sherry (+/- mid 50’s)

Rating: 5 out of 10

Color: gold
Nose: Quite intense, but smooth. Creamy, buttery and nutty. Green walnuts. There are rancio notes to it, but they are very creamy.
Mouth: extremely dry, quite bitter and slightly sour. Not at all sweet. I would say it’s off, but it might also just be rediculously dry.
Finish: long and nutty, and quite beefy. Walnutskins and salted macademia nuts. Notes of cherry and stone fruit.

Although it’s not very pleasant, it’s a very usefull experience to have try this stuff, because it gives you a really good impression of what layers of flavour a dry amontillado cask will impart on a whisky. The palate on this is it’s main weakness, but the nose and the finish are actually quite decent.

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