Black & White – early 1970’s

Rating: 7 out of 10

Nose: ooh…this starts of quite iffy. Something weirdly vegetal. After that: dry, salty sherry, Coca Cola, and dark rum. Quite yeasty. It smells very ‘dark’, so a lot of dried fruits, chocolate, licorice root, and rum notes. There’s something fruity in there too and spices, but overall it comes across as a heavily sherried blend, with maybe the odd ex-rum-cask thrown in there too.
Mouth: sweet, sherried, peaty and quite hot. Strong hints of ‘Duimdrop’, which is a kind of licorice, and again yeasty. Reminds me very much of Amstel Malt, that horrible, horrible non-alcoholic beer from the 90’s, which tasted like it was completely off, but which was, as I’ve been reassured countless times, ‘supposed to taste like that’. Why would anyone prefer stuff like that over a glass of Cola or water?
Finish: Dissapointing. Short, more of the same.

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