Blind tasting – bottle 7

Wow! Now this is something completely different, and it’s most definitely not a whisky. Either it’s a white rum or it’s moonshine. It tastes very similar to moonshine Cuban rum I’ve tried in an illegal rooftop bar in Cuba. Spicy and sour nose: marascino cherries marinated in cola. There’s also notes of clear spirit, but it’s not overwhelming. I think it’s quite young.

Mouth: very light mouthfeel. This can’t be more than 40% alcohol. It’s sweet, with notes of almond and clear notes of sugarcane juice. Sweet but short finish. This stuff would do really nicely as a mixer. As a sipping drink, it lacks a bit of complexity, but I like it, mainly because it’s so utterly different from whisky.

With special thanks to Kay for the sampleswap. It turns out this actually was a domestic retail only Cuban rum.

Rating: 60-80 out of 10

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