Bowmore 9 years old

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Something special!)

That’s right: a nine year old distillery bottling of Bowmore. No NAS, no: 9 years old. Complimnents to Bowmore!
One the nose this one comes across as a pretty straightforward Bowmore. On opening the bottle there are some very funky/dodgy overtones of wet newspaper and rubber, but they dissapear very quickly, leaving you with a surprisingly clean distilate. Fruity and peaty with slight hints of vanilla and some woody notes. Coal ashes.
Tastewise: sweet, dry, salty, peppery and quite astringent with nice sherried notes. Ever so slightly floral in the background, but in a nice way. Lacks intensity and body though. If only this was bottled at 43% or more.
Short and shallow finish.
Not a high flyer, but believe you me: there’s far worse older Bowmores out there (soapy ones).
People have been commenting on this whisky as being underwheling, and I think they’re doing this whisky wrong.

In my neck of the woods a bottle of this sets you back only €26 euros. That’s right: twenty six euros for a very decent nine year old single malt from Islay. How about that? There’s hope! I think this is really is bang for your buck! Yes, there’s way better young Bowmores and Ardbegs out there, but they cost at least three time as much. Just for that reason I’ve marked this one as Something Special.

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