Bowmore – Tempest Batch 1

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Popped this one open with my dad on christmass.
Nose: At first it’s spirity, fruity, with hints of vanilla and fudge. Creamy. Melted icecream. Slightly floral. There is peat and smokey, but it is restrained. Very in your face, yet very balanced. It smells old-fashioned, like an old blend. Apple, citrus, banana, tropical fruits and even some distant notes of menthol. Very christmassy, with spices like cinnamon. Fascinating nose,and much better than I expected.
Mouth: Sweet and explosive, with way more of a peat than I expected. Rich and beefy. Vanillanotes.
Finish: Balanced and quite long, with more of the same, but in a good way.

Although it’s pretty friendly for a cask strenght Islay whisky, I really enjoyed it. It also bears the Parental Seal of Approval, as my dad asked me to take the bottle with me, because else it would be empty the next morning.

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