Canadian Club – early 1960’s bottle

Rating: 8 out of 10

Nose: light, crisp and sweet. You can smell this is a pretty clean spirit with a lot of wood influence, but somehow it works really well. It’s almost like they’ve mixed a golden Peruvian rum with an American bourbon. Lots of American oak: vanilla, green herbs, cold tea, pencil shavings. Grainy notes too. Think Korenwijn. Something rummy, and some really nice spicy / herbal notes. This is surprisingly clean after so many years in the bottle. Could have been bought yesterday.
Mouth: estery, sweet, slightly oily. Hot, and also a bit soapy. This time it’s very much like an estery, fruity bourbon like Eagle Rare.
Finish: medium long, fruity, sweet, with lingering a peppery (but not hot) note.

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