Caroni 1974-2008 – Bristol Classic

Rating: 8 out of 10

Nose: heavy and complex. Woody, herbal, slightly mentholated, resinous. Medicinal herbs. Even some smoke in the background. It’s a rum alright, but it’s very much ‘off the beaten track’. Some glue, then melons. Doesn’t smell easy. Almost has a cognac like quality to it. This is very wood-driven, and reminds me of a lot of the 1990 Glen Garioch by Kintra.
Mouth: Christ! This one bites back. Starts of slightly sweet, but then it assaults you with a drying, tannic bitterness. Green stuff. Snapped twigs, nay, whole branches! It’s very, very woody, to the point that it is becoming unpleasant, but strangely enough I quite like it. This is the kind of woodyness that give you a spectacular finish.
Finish: as espected, quite spectacular. Very, very long, slightly hot, but full of development. Ends with a nice buteric note and hints of licoriceroot.

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