Crawford’s – 3 star (tin cap, 1950’s or 60’s)

Rating: 2 out of 10

Nose: aaaarrrrghhhh! This is really, really, really off! I mean really off! Tinned green beans and dog food. Really, really bad! Wet draff. Very earthy and peaty. Very intense and very very strange. Pretty sweet on the palate, and as with the previous whisky, notes of Amstel Malt beer (non-alcoholic beer from the 90’s). Raisins and grain. Draff. Finish: sweet and vegatal, medium long and sherried. It does get a little better over time, but there’s too many off notes to make it enjoyable.

Well, it’s an experience, that’s for sure. Something went wrong somewhere in the 50 years since is was bottled, and it probably wasn’t the cleanest spirit to begin with. Better luck next time.

There’s something to keep in mind with opening really old bottles of spritis; storage condition have a major influence on the way they taste. Basically, if you get to many off-notes after first opening the bottle, let it breathe for a while. The more off-notes, the longer you let it aerate. This can take up to a couple of hours, but the effects usually are pretty dramatic.

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