Fundador – Pedro Domecq (driven cork, +/- 1950’s)

Rating: 8 out of 10

This one was in honour of the late and great Michael Jackson (27 march 1942 – 30 august 2007), may his angel’s share be big. As with most old corked bottles, this too is a nightmare to open, and seems to be undrinkable at first. Pure ethanol and kiddy glue. After 15 minutes of breathing however, things start to change.

Nose: Spicy, fruity, chocolaty. Salted dark chocolate, red fruits, fresh ripe pears, mentholated licorice, chipped oak, treacle, vanilla, caramel. Also distant floral notes. Very intense nose.

Mouth: Explosive, lush and mouthcoating, quite sweet and slightly sour. You can taste that it’s lost a bit of alcohol over the years, but still: this is immense. Dark chocolate, vanilla and well seasoned ox-tail soup. Very big meaty / beefy notes. Think meaty Glendronach.

Finish: medium long, and quite dry. Herbal and fruity. It’s not bad, but it’s a bit of a let-down when you compare it to the nose and the palate. The loss of alcohol becomes clear in the finish.

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