Glen Keith 1991 – Tony Koehl Series

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Nose: fresh and fruity, light and round. As with all of the whiskies from the Tony Koehl Series, this one has a very fruity and clean nose. Fresh fruits. Green apples, unripe pears and some mango. Also some dried, sugared pineappleslices. Slight hint of vanilla and creamy custard. No smoke. Very smooth. A summerwhisky. It’s all very subtle and delicate.

Mouth: Sweet (but not too sweet) and creamy. Very smooth and very drinkable neat. Slightly tannic. Starts of with the same hints as the nose, but develops more spices. Again, this is pretty subtle and smooth and quite unobtrusive, and again I think this one will do great on a hot summer’s day.

Finish: quite long, and a bit drying. After some time a realy nice creamy malty sweetness kicks in.

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