Glen Scotia – Warehouse Diamonds

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Nose: Wow, this one is very, ehm…exotic!

The nose is captivating, but also very weird. It’s immediately tart and fruity. At first I thought it might even be a bit off, but after it settled down, things really start to to get better. Bags of tropical fruit and citrus. Grapefruit, organges and orangepeel. Also clear notes of vanilla. At first nosing it really reminded me of vanilla yoghurt. After a while we’re in more regular teritory, with hints of pear and eucalyptus. Also herbs, and some very distant almond notes.

Taste: Quite explosive. And waxy. Starts of sweet and sour, and then develops more bitter notes. There’s a really nice development in the fruity notes: some pineappel starts creeping up, and cherrybonbons, again very tart. Sour-bitter.
Medium long and very drying finish. Literally made my mouth water.

Overall this is very funky and unorthodox whisky. It’s very interesting, but with a pricetag of 275 euro’s I’m sorry to say that I think there’s better value for money.

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