Grant’s Morella – early 1900’s bottling

Rating: 9 out of 10 (Something special!)

Old bottle, +/- 1910’s, with a driven cork.

Nose: …I am speechless. Wow. WOW! You have to imagine that my expectations were pretty low, as I first had to pass it through sieve and a filter to get rid of all the sediment and of what was left of the cork. I would have expected this to be as dead as a doorknop, but no…

It’s as if it was bottled yesterday. A wall of vivid aroma’s! Cherry and sherry. Black cherry, amarena cherries, dried fruits, and big, salty sherry flavours. It’s like they took barrels of 20 year old sherry matured Mortlach and old Armagnac and topped them up with the best morella cherries they could find.

Mouth: An orgy of different flavours. Un-fucking-believable. Bittersweet and quite tart, which is a good thing, because I often think liqueurs are way too sweet. Extremely dense and full flavoured. Black cherries, red cherries, candied cherries, herbs, spices and some nice salty dry sherry notes.

Finish: again, WOW! Very long, sweet and spicy, and slightly drying, but overall very refreshing.

A true eyeopener. This is not just great because it’s really old, it’s great because it’s…well…just great. If you think away the cherries, the spirit alone would be in the 90’s. This is a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era, where both buyers and producers appreciated quality.

Simply jawdropping.

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