Johnnie Walker – Black Label 1960’s (Foreign Area Officers only)

Rating: 8 out of 10

Nose: surprisingly shy at first. Malty, sweet, fruity and slightly herbal. Fruity too. Ever so slightly smokey, but way, way, way less than expected. Reminds me a lot of Green Label, which I really love. After a while some really nice dry sherry notes come through. Herbal medicin.
Mouth: extremely ‘smooth’. This is one of the smoothest whiskies I’ve tried in a long time. A bit of smoke, followed by a bit of licorice root and some menthol. Again some herbal notes. Strangely enough it takes a while to get used to, which is strange, because it is pretty middle of the road in terms of flavour profile.
Finish: medium long, slightly mentholated and surprisingly hot after the velvetty smooth palate.

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