Johnnie Walker – Green Label

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Nose: smokey, fruity and malty. Surprisingly good nose! Clean and smoky, with smoke from a fireplace, fresh green apples and lemon juice. Also quite sweet with vanilla and butterscotch. Crisp and pleasantly estery, with a beautiful distant floral note and some pear and menthol. Develops more spicy notes and different kinds of fruit over time. Leather and tobacco.

Mouth: sweet and fresh. Very smooth, but also pretty weak. Malty and smoky, with hints of toasted bread. Pretty estery, with hints of tinned pear.

Fnish: medium long, bittersweet. Malty, with a calvados like apple note. Pleasant, lingering smoky notes. Also pretty tannic, with hints of cold tea.

Don’t be fooled. This is seriously good whisky, and I think it blows many reputed single malts clear out of the water.

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