Kilkerran 12 (first batch)

Rating: 9 out of 10 (Something special!)

I have to say straight away that I’m a huge fan of Kilkerran. I really like their singular style of distillate, and the fact that there’s something distinctly DISlikable in all their bottlings so far. For me, Kilkerran is by far the most characterfull malt out there at the moment, but it’s not to everyones taste, and that’s what makes it stand out.

This one is no exception. Very spirit driven, but packed full of all different kinds of flavours and surprisingly coastal. Salty, maritime and very dry without water. This one really changes when you add water. Gets WAY more accessible, more fruity and sweeter.

They might have tossed in a slightly dodgy sherry cask, but they’re forgiven as it adds to the overall character. The peat and mineral touch has strong resemblance to a really old blended whisky from the late 1800’s. Truely a classic malt.

Unique. Fabulous, I love it.

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