Littlemill – Tony koehl

Rating: 9 out of 10

Nose: Fruity, spicy, estery and big. Starts of quity feisty and estery, but quickly turns towards fruity and spicy notes. First there’s an estery fruityness, with both unripe and overripe bananas and applesauce, then rich sweet notes of custard, and then some really nice spicy notes. And then some more fruits: jackfruit and roseapple. I reallylike this fragrant and estery style of whisky.
Mouth: Surprisingly different from the nose. Big and bittersweet with lots of cereal grainy notes. Fresh toast with a side of ovaltine. Also some waxiness and a very, very distant hint of freshly burnt firewood.

Finish: medium long and waxy, with more fruityness and some chocolaty notes.

I don’t hold any stock of this or something, but this really is my style of whisky: fruity, quite estery, and complex. It’s really nice how the nose, the mouth and the finish each tell a different story.

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