Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Original Liqueur

Rating: 8 out of 10

Maraschino or Maraskino is one of those spirits that you need to have for making cocktails, but unless you’re a bartender, you would be hard pressed to finish a bottle of. Not the kind of drink that normaly gets tasting notes, but in the interest of beginning cockail makers here goes…

Maraschino is supposed to be a cherry liqueur, but on the nose it is very eau-de-vie-ish. You might tempted to think that Maraschino was is some kind flavouring agent, but it’s basically a well rounded Cherry schnaps with some herbal notes, something in between sage and mint. There’s definitely cherry in there but it’s very spirit forward and way different than you would expect a cherry liqueur to smell like. This might be the first liqueur thar I’ve had so far that is actually worth nosing, so kudos to Luxardo.

Tastewise: very sweet, a bit vegetal and with a hint of chocolate and some minty notes. All in all very little cherry, which comes as a suprise.

This stuff is preyyy unique. It’s almost as if they hired a lab to figure out which flavour compounds you only get in cherries and they then cut out all the other stuff. I can see how this works well as an ingredient in cocktails; if you add some sour and fruity notes some cherry might arise.

A wonderfull building brick.

Edit 1: I’ve tested this out by reconstructing a cherry with Amaretto (the almondy notes from stone fruit kernels), cranberry juice (sharp and sour), home made pommegranate lemonade (deep fruity flavour) and Maraschino (the rest) and that turned out pretty amazing. I might even publish a recipe for the Cherry Candy Cocktail.

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