Macduff 1980 – Malts of Scotland

Rating: 8 out of 10

Nose: Quite intense. Sweet, fruity and estery. Quite intense. This one starts of a bit glue-y, and continues with estery notes and different kinds of fruit. Tropical fruits, red fruit, and waxy apples, vanilla and hints of coconut and white chocolate. Think Ferrero Raffaello. Distant salty and even some minty notes. Lush and rich, very nice.

Mouth: Very intense and quite explosive, even for something bottled at 54.1%. Bittersweet -not too sweet though. Waxy and malty. Quite spicy, a kind of woody spicyness. It’s got a lot of ‘oomph’, but IMHO it’s a bit too tannic.

Finish: long and quite drying, with a toasty bitterness.

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