MacDuff Exclusive Malts

Rating: 80-100 out of 10

Every now and so often I buy some semi-random samples of whisky to see if I can find some hidden gems. Somehow I never tried MacDuff aka Glen Deveron before, so I decided to give it a go. I was in for a surprise.

schuimblokThis MacDuff is almost like a cognac when you first nose it. Very fresh, and fruity, with a nice, grapelike sweetness. It’s quite sweet and ‘confectionery’ (most noticably ‘schuimblok‘, which I think is something typically Dutch), and quite young, but all a good way. There’s lots of rich and creamy comfortfood in there too. Custard, home made cookies, vanilla, chocolate, rich tea biscuits. Also some broken twigs and, and quite a lot of spices.

At fiftysomething percent alcohol it’s also pretty feisty, but it tones down very nicely with some water. More fruits start to appear -guave- and also subtle notes of licoriceroot. The taste is bittersweet, with some nice hearty notes in the background, that leave me wanting some more. Which is quite deceiving. The finish is harmonious and warming, with very nice cholcolaty undertones and a surprising ‘green’ note, that reminds me of freshly pressed sugarcane juice (guarapo de caña – if you ever visit Cuba: try it).

This is a schoolbook example of a sherried whisky, but it’s far more balanced than many of its cousins . I had some recent bottlings that were very dense and ‘thick’, almost to the point where you think that it’s physically more viscous.  Whisky dominated by sherry. This one isn’t.

All in all it’s very balanced and characterfull. Not the most complex whisky, but complex enough to be really engaging, and very, VERY drinkable! Highly recommended.

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