De Molen – Moord en Brand

A gift from Ronnie Weessies. He’s really in to the Whisky-aged Russian Imperial Stouts and other undrinkable beers, so let’s see what he came up with this time.

Moord en Brand, by the Molen, a Imperial Stout-like beer matured in rum-barrels. This should be interesting, let’s pour us a glass. WTF?! And I really mean: what the fuck. This stuff pours like really old engineoil. It’s very, VERY viscous and almost completely opaque. No foam whatsoever.

Nose: very creamy and rich. Bags of rich tropical fruits. It’s like I’m in Thailand: jackfruit and roseapple. Very nice. A bit sour. There’s a lot of unexpected aroma’s in there. Very nice nose.
Taste: Initially sweet, with big sweet flavours (PX-sherry, Dark Chocolate) but then it turns horribly, horribly bitter. Oh man this is awfull. Every sip is a moment of pure joy followed by a moment of pure horror.
Finish: way, way better than the taste. Very full, very rich. Notes of sugar cane, PX-sherry and dark chocolate.

All in all I’ve never tasted something that I both loved and loathed so much as this one. A horrible palate wrapped in beautifull aroma’s and a nice finish. It does tick high on my ‘likability’ scale because it’s such a roller-coaster ride.

Rating: 60-80 out of 10

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