New Grove – Single barrel 2004

Rating: 8 out of 10

Nose: big and estery. Fruity and woody, apples, fresh pineapple. There’s also a cognac-like fruityness to it. Slightly
Mouth: lush and mouthcoating. Sweet and spicy, with lot’s of cask-influence. Dates, figs, eucalyptus, tobacco. Some ‘green’ notes (think:twigs), but also quite some tannic notes. This shouldn’t have spent a day longer in the cask, but as it is now, it’s very impressive. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, engaging but not too demanding. It’s simply great.
Finish: very long and very pleasantly ‘green’. Butter, green twigs and green fruits. Green walnuts and fresh plums. I would expect the finish to be more tannic, but not at all. further towards the end there’s even some really nice notes of newmake spirit and ‘Guarapo’ (freshly pressed sugarcane juise). Wow. Great stuff.

I didn’t do any research into this, but you can tell that these guys know what their doing. Well recommended.

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