Orval – bottled 06-11-2013

Hmm. It seems that individual batches differ a lot from one another. Very, very little carbonation compared to other Orval.

Nose: On the nose it’s like an Orval-light. It’s toned down and restrained, with notably less fruit, and far less grapefruit and citrus notes.
Mouth: Again, Orval-light, but it’s very balanced. Less bitter, and a bit more sweet and sour than other new bottlings.
Finsih: Short, and, surprise surprise: it’s like a light version of the usual Orval.

It’s surprising to see the huge differences in individual batches of Orval. You might think it was a bad bottle, but this is purely the batch. When it comes to drinking Orval, I always share two exactly the same bottles with a friend. Batch 06-11-2013 is basically Orval-light.

Rating: 60-80 out of 10

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