Orval – bottled 20-03-2013

Yet another Orval. This foams like crazy, so it’s more or less the opposite of the previous Orval.

Nose: Fruity and sour. Quite metallic. Wet rust. Less spicy and less fruity, it’s actually a bit like a Belgian brown, with hints of cherry-fruityoghurt.
Mouth: Bitter-sour. Refreshing. Way more fruity on the palate than on the nose. Applejuice, cider and corianderseed. Nice. It’s starts of with some very agressive carbonation, but that dies out pretty soon.
Finish: Medium long, hoppy. Like an IPA, quite refreshing with lots of hoppy notes.

Quite IPA-ish. I’ve had better Orval, but I think this will do great in summer.

Rating: 60-80 out of 10

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