Ron Exquisito 1985 solera

Rating: 7 out of 10

Dried fruits. Figs, plums, warm cola. Vanilla and also some smokeyness that seems to be from cask-charring. It’s in line with Don Papa 10, so brace yourselves for ome mental sweetness.
Taste: as exected. Sweet, dates, simple syrup. Something smokey, something rubbery, something medicinal… It has some really nice components in there that are totally overwhelmed by the added sweetness. Also quite woody.
finish: spicy, woody and drying.

This is one of those rums where you know thev’ve put in a boatload of sugar to compensate for the tannins in order to make it palatable. But they’ve really overdone it. If this was half as sweet it would have been really great.

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