Rutte Selderij Eau de Vie

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Something special!)

I got this from my dear friend Staf when we were discussing wonky spirits. This one fits nicely into the ‘now who would come up with something like that’ category. It’s a sellery eau de vie made by the acclaimed Dutch Jenever distillers Rutte en Zn.

Definitely a novelty drink. Not something you would enjoy as a sipper, but I can see this work as an ingredient in a hearty cocktail like a Bloody Mary.

Tasting notes

Chemical and green. Carrots, wall paint, celeriac and turpentine. Smells pretty ominous. Taste: starts of as a sweeter and slightly less industrial version of the nose and then develops into notes of sellery stalks, sellery seed, fennel and licorice. Finish: short and slightly drying.