Shawi Mazcal Joven

Rating: 6 out of 10

I brought this one back home with me as a souvenir from Mexico. I’m not sure whether it’s sold outside of Mexico but what I do know is that it says ‘ARTESANAL’ on the label and the bottlenumber is hand handwritten, so supplies probably are limited.

Smokey on the nose, but in the smoothest and silkiest of ways. Typical agave notes and whiffs of fruits and some floral notes. Given some air it develops almost into newmake scotch whisky teritories. Hints of citrus make me think Caol Ila, but way more gentle and subdued. On the palate it’s slightly earthy with notes of laural. Slightly peppery towards the finish.

I’m reluctant to say that this is a pretty boring drink. Don’t get me wrong: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. You can tell that the spirit itself is pretty complex and dynamic, but at 36% abv they watered it down too much. As a sipper it’s too easy and wellbehaved for my liking, but as a foundation for a cocktail it works miracles.

As they say on their website: Shawi – the young Mezcal for youngsters. And youngsters being the weak and fragile lot that they are nowadays, they might be on to something 😉

I really wonder what this would be like if it were bottled at 46%.