Single hop citra – De Molen (bottled 18-03-2013)

Nose: Hoppy and fruity. Reminds me of a day at an open air festival. Citrus and strong hints of ‘reine claude’-lemonade. Also notes of roadside/waterside scrubs on a very hot day – A very esotheric description, I know, but often notice it in very hoppy beers.
Mouth: Hmm…different than expected. Quite sour, almost a bit off. Reminds me of stale festival beer.
Finish: I desperately want to like this, but I don’t. Sour and drying.

In short, this is not the best beer I’ve had from de Molen. It’s their worst. Which surprises me a lot, because De Molen usually usually make very ‘haute cuisine’ beers. Maybe there’s something wrong with the caps on this particular batch: I read another, not so flattering, tastingnote of the same batch on Ratebeer.

Rating: 20-40 out of 10

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