Summer malts: Kilkerran W.I.P. 5 – Bourbon cask

Rating: 60-80 out of 10

No fresh laundry here.

Engine oil, WD40 (or 10W40, I always mix them up), cold tea, rolling tobacco. Mostly unhealthy stuff, larded with vanilla and Lyle’s Golden Syrup (which is perfect on pancakes). After a while there’s apricot and apple, and some eucalyptus.

The taste is both bitter and sweet at the same time, and slightly oily. Cod-liver oil. At first it’s the pretty in your face. Smoke! Linseed oil and grease, and some sawdust. It then develops a lighter, friendlier character. It tastes pretty young. with a fiery, peppery finish a bit like Longrow Rundlets & Kilderkins.

With water you get a bit of the sourish smell of newmake spirit.

An interesting whisky for sure, but not the classic I was hoping it would be. However, it improves a lot after time. The bottle is about halfway, and the whisky has lost it’s rough edges. It actually turned out be quite a nice dram.

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