About Tastewise

A liquid log

I don’t quite know what to call it, but I look at Tastewise as a liquid log of drinks that I’ve tasted. Other people keep track of which movies they watch, I keep track of what I taste. I basically write as many tasting notes as possible, but I follow these guidelines:

  • I only write about things that I’ve tried, and that I feel I am entitled to have an opinion about.
  • I once tried a 1982 Port Ellen at a whisky tasting, and didn’t write a review about it. Why? Because I had the feeling my smell was off, and writing a review wouldn’t do justice.
  • I taste things everywhere
  • A great tasting beer in a pub at the end of an evening out might well end up in this site. I don’t think writing tasting notes is an exact science, and I certainly don’t think everything should be tasted under the same circumstances. You simply cannot try a craft ale from draught at home.
  • I’ll try anything
  • I’m not very picky in the types of drinks I review. I have a strong preference for whisky, beer and rum, but I’ll just as well write notes for a cherry liqueur. The only exception is red wine, which, to my great regret, I really can’t get appreciate, no matter how much I try.

My personal opinion

I’m writing these tasting notes so that other people can use them as a point of reference when they’re looking to buy a new bottle of something. The more information there is available, the better you can inform yourself, and the better you can decide on what to buy. Everything you read hear, is based on my personal opinion, which means…

This blog is biased.

Really, really biased. I can tell you straightaway that:

  • I like estery, floral whiskies
  • I like hoppy, dry beers
  • I don’t like peated whisky a lot
  • I don’t like sticky, sweet beers
  • I don’t like wine

I’m not a journalist, and have no intention of writing nuanced, correct reviews. I’m not writing balanced customer advices, I just write down whatever I think, and however I feel about a certain drink. I think this is more usefull than balanced reviews anyway. If you’ve tried something I’ve reviewed, and we both liked it, then changes are you will like more of the things that I like. If you see what I mean.
You can also reverse the psychology: if you know I don’t like sweet beers and peated whisky, then a Belgian triple or an Ardbeg rating in the 90’s must be something quite spectacular.

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